Dress The Part !

October 12, 2015

Dress The Part !

You are what you wear.  I believe you play a different character every day when you get dressed in the morning.  It is crazy the influence an outfit can have on your mood, if you are feeling lazy and frumpy, you are going to dress frumpy and be lazy.  I suggest even when having an interview over the phone you should put your favorite suit or dress on, wear shoes and don’t lounge on the couch.  Dress professional and you will feel more professional, just a small example.

My toughest clients are my undefeated clients, the ones that get in there own way, they say when I show them a great look… I’m too short, too fat, but I am a mom or I am to old.  They are allowing there self image to get in the way of taking the next step into self happiness and confidence.  Too many moms have a hard time getting out of your gym clothes or sweatpants and dressing in the outfit that makes them feel better only because they believe they have no where to go, but I believe being a mom is the greatest job in the world , so whats a better reason to get dressed and feel your best.

So sometimes just stepping out of your comfort zone can make you feel , ‘O that much more Fabulous…  Dress in what makes you feel most comfortable from the inside out, it shows through your outfit.  Sometimes the smallest tweaks can give you the help your looking for, if you are a jeans and a t-shirt kinda gal and you sometimes think, “I have no spice or flair”, but the smallest of details will make you feel better and give you a pick me up, by just adding that extra accessory…

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