& What A Year It's Been...

June 17, 2021

& What A Year It's Been...


A wild year it has been with so many lessons learned. Our greatest take away from this global pandemic is the lesson we have learned as a family, that life’s greatest joys come not from speeding up, but from slowing down & I mean really slooooowwwwwing down. We are a family that travels, especially multiple trips to south Florida were we moved from and we still have so many friends and family and friends that we consider family that we haven’t seen in over a year. Even quick trips to the city or Long Island hadn’t been made because we had been to nervous with the spread of the virus. Now with our vaccinations done, more known science behind it all I feel like this is starting to be behind us all. So much tragedy and loss has been experienced this year but coming from this half glass filled gal I am trying to hold onto all the bright sides and lessons we were able to take away from this year. Whether you learned more about your love and interests or discovered what you once loved before doesn’t bring you joy anymore.



All is positive in the end because it is self discovery and the more we learn about ourselves the more we can love and nourish our wants. We have made so many special memories this year as a family, scored a completely trashed popup that we started restoring as a family, Kurt started a business with his best friend doing exactly what they love, we added to our chicken flock, started an apple orchard, checked off a handful of home improvement projects around the house and family game nights/ movie nights became not just for Fridays. 

So I am walking away from this wild year grateful for all we learned and excited for all that Summer has in store for us!!

Xx Jen

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