Train Thoughts After a NYC Trunk Show

March 13, 2018

Train Thoughts After a NYC Trunk Show

Sitting on Amtrak heading back up to the north country all smiles after my quick 40 hour NYC trip.  I have been in business for almost 7 years and I've been going to the trade shows for the last 5... Always all three NYC shows every year as well as LA, Las Vegas, Nashville and Miami.  As a sales gal at heart it is my passion.  Especially when I get to sit in my very own booth and sell my very own designs to the greatest stores around the United States and even the world.

Seeing different boutique owners and buyers fall in love with MY different colors and styles, and getting their feedback is so fulfilling.  If it wasn’t for all of these incredible boutiques that my jackets and bags sell in I wouldn’t be were I am today and the collection wouldn’t be anywhere near as large.  When we finally got pregnant with our second baby girl, I made the decision as a mommy to enjoy the pregnancy and take some time off from the shows.  To not stress so much about being in every great store in every great city.  I wanted to spend more time with my growing family and more time designing and trying to grow my brand and website.  For over a year now I have been so happy with my decision, seeing how retail has evolved with all the major department stores and their deals and discounts, Amazon and direct to consumer.

Me at one of my many Bloomingdale’s trunk shows, so I can not be angry with their mark downs just know it is hard for the smaller boutiques to keep up with there discounts.

But being there.

Walking in.

Wearing my badge.

Seeing all the other fantastic collections out on display in there 10 by 10 booths.  Hanging in my girlfriend Jennifer Zeuner's booth (click here to shop her amazing collection).  Catching up with all my favorite buyers and store owners. High fiving all my designer friends as they write another great order with another cool store that isn’t letting the familiar negative talk of "retail dying" get in the way of the businesses they want to run.  All just out there fighting the fight for style and trends.  I was a buyer for 5 years and a boutique owner for 2.  I know the rush when you spot the hottest, latest & greatest NEW LINE.  Better yet you do phenomenal with it and then make it one of your boutique's staples (to think that now my collection gets a chance to be one of those staples in some of my favorite stores!).  #forevergrateful

With all of this trade-show talk it gets me even more excited.  I LOVE the fashion industry, I love the creativity and energy it gives off.  So being in NYC gave me all the good feels for the next season ahead.  So I thank Coterie tonight because as hard as it was not being within my 3 walls of the latest Jennifer Haley it got me even more excited for my next seasons collection.

I also thank NYC, the weather, Santina (killer food. Not a menu I would look at and think "awwww, this excites me", but with my girls ordering the right way every dish was better then the last at our round table of favorites). Jaime Rheingold has been my sales rep for over 5 years and spent every good memory from the shows by my side, Denisse (also known as @DizzyDinstyle from her blog), who has been with my company for 3 years and once i moved our location to New York she then started working with Jennifer Zeuner my bestie in the biz from the beginning   And last but never least my cousin Katie who graduated FIT, studied in Florence works with some of the greatest clothing lines both here and in Paris.  Also my roommate when in the city and having those few hours of laughter and chat as we talked ourselves right to sleep.

Above from left: Denisse, Jaime, Katie, Jennifer & me

 A few hours of sleep was followed by a few more visits with my NYC pals, two leather suppliers for my holiday metallics and then Koi which seems to be where Yael, my PR gal, and I always meet.

Above: Yael & I right before we stuffed our faces with all our favorites at Koi

 Power girls lunch and then a quick Uber back to Penn Station where I get to enjoy the ride along the Hudson, wildly excited to get home to my 3 favorite people on earth.


Sorry guys if I might have rambled too much and for pretending I was introducing the cast of the latest reality show when it came to our dinner table, but it was all so good.  The inspiration.  The food.  The company.  The energy.  And the new leathers for next season.




Jennifer Haley.

This is a face letting me know how pissed she was I didn’t have a waisted fanny for her. Sorry Jennifer Zeuner but i promise you it is being made right this very moment in metallic for ya!!  

Jaime Rheingold has been more like a partner then a sales rep. Love her and us of course twinning in our black tees and matching #jhmotojacket

Denisse aka @dizzyDinstyle you are the family.

and this is my beautiful cousin Katie after our up all night sleepover trying to sneak off to Paris with my only waisted fanny sample until our shipment comes next week.

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