Lavenlair Farm

June 20, 2018

Lavenlair Farm

If only this blog could be a scratch and sniff you all would be in heaven, that is if you’re wild for lavender.  Today I was invited to Lavenlair Farm in Whitewall, NY.  It is 40 minutes north of Saratoga and the ride is breath taking.  The long country road leading up to the farm was magical and then to pull up to the 1820’s era stone farm house and the surrounding luscious lavender fields was an experience I had to share.  I know this doesn't have much to do with my latest Fall handbag or jacket designs but you know my love for all things home and country and this was a true center fold for Better Homes and Gardens.  It is a U-pick lavender farm that also sells an incredible unique line of lavender products available both at the farm house stand and online at


I bought a bath bomb and a handful of Lavender and then was gifted the most beautiful gift bag filled with so many great goodies.  Thank you @lavenlairfarm & @socialstatic for the fantastic event.  The farm is opened Wed-Sun 10am-4pm and offers a guided tour, tips and tricks on growing your own Lavender, over 5,000 lavender plants available for you to pick, a walk the labyrinth and a relaxing call ahead picnic box to enjoy under one of their beautiful old trees.  I can’t wait to go back with my family & friends and enjoy a packed picnic, a bottle of my favorite summer wine and relish in the beauty of this unique farm.

Cali came with me and it made it that much more special.  She was loving the sweet smells and the horses and cows surrounding the farm.  An added bonus is that lavender keeps bugs away so we spent over an hour playing around in the grass and lavender fields.  We had a literal field day with my girlfriend @darienleigh and her handsome boy Beau Henry who is the same age as little miss Cali James.

Hopefully I didn’t ramble to much for you all but I am about to drop a lavender bath fizz into my tub!  A little R&R is much needed because after the special day on the farm I got Zoey Rae off the bus and gathered snacks and friendship/bead making supplies for the Girl Scout end of school year party.  I am a troop leader and was so busy telling my girls about the farm that we voted to do a field trip in July there during peak season!

This mom, designer, wanna be farmer and troop leader needs this long bath that awaits. Sweet dreams my friends. Xx Jennifer Haley

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