The Best Gift for Flower Lovers!

March 18, 2018

The Best Gift for Flower Lovers!

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Roses Ever After
is beauty that lasts for almost ever.

Or up to 365 days.
Okay, so I tried, but I'm no poet! Regardless, guys, these are seriously INCREDIBLE. I had to pop on here on this snowy day and share with you all a little bit about Roses Ever After. My girlfriend Debbie started this company and when we first moved upstate into our new home one of my besties sent me this gorgeous heart shaped box of white roses for a house warming. If you know me, you know I love all-white everything especially flowers. And ESPECIALLY roses. If you’ve ever seen a pic from my wedding EVERYTHING was white. My wedding planner and mom had to beg me to add a few pops of green in the arrangements and chuppah.

(Me and my honey on our wedding day, almost 8 years ago.)

Anyway (before I drift off to the magical memory of our wedding day) lets get back to the present and speaking of presents these roses make the greatest presents ranging in all prices, colors, sizes and arrangements. And YES these are real roses that can last as long as a year. YES, a year!!! These roses feel, smell amd look real because they are REAL. At Roses Ever After their mission is to preserve the beauty and art of roses. About two weeks ago Debbie the rose behind this brand sent me this insanely gorgeous lucite box personalized with an image she pulled off of my instagram. Once i saw personalization as an option i was completely hooked. If you are in need of a birthday, Mother's Day, holiday, an "I'm just thinking of you" gift, or even better an "I love myself" gift pick a beautiful box for your bedside or centerpiece for your dinning room table. is where you should be shopping and they gave me a coupon code: JH10 for 10% off your orders. 
If only this blog post could be a scratch and sniff you all would be treating yourself to a rose right now. Happy Friday friends. Just had to share the beauty and smell we are enjoying around our house on this cold evening. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog tonight. Hope you all enjoy your St. Patricks Day weekend. 

Jennifer Haley

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