Make Home Your Favorite Place to Be

July 27, 2021

Make Home Your Favorite Place to Be

Home is were we feel most ourselves, expressing our personal style and daily or seasonal moods. We are a cozy up with good tunes and delicious bites kinda people so creating little nooks all over our home and property is what we do best and our first choice of plans is always here on our farm whether it be just us or with friends and family.

I love entertaining and always want everyone to feel at home when visiting. But I do love switching things up whether it be moving around decor, pictures or furniture and always swapping out our fireplace mantel display. Refreshing a room can cost nothing sometimes by just adding something different into a new favorite spot can create a whole new look. I have always been a candle burner, candles always set the perfect mood. I also learned cleaning the home is better when I enjoy the pretty products I am cleaning with, hence why I have even added a few beautiful brushes, brooms and dustpans to our home section on our site. I am having so much fun finding the most beautiful pieces to add to your favorite little nooks. Right now my favorites are our found wooden candles sticks that I sell individually rather then a set so you can decide if you are a one stick or more like 12 candles sticks burning down the center piece of your table kinda gal.

Happy browsing and stay tuned for more items added weekly.


Xx Jennifer Haley



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