Happy ❤️ Month!

February 03, 2017

Happy ❤️ Month!

Happy ❤️ Month!  February is a very special month to me for so many reasons.  It's the month of love, hearts & heart health awareness.  When I was 19 years old I was diagnosed with Neurocardiogenic Syncope.  With heart disease in my family and me being effected at a young age, I try to raise awareness & money for the American Heart Association ever February.  This year being pregnant & busy with #jenniferhaleyhandbags I wasn't able to plan the dance party soirée again💃🏻.  So instead I'm doing a handful of events in South Florida and a virtual party so even if you can't make one of our events you can support by purchasing any #jenniferhaley products on either site of mine.  Since I've teamed up with #viaonehope this year I have an event link that you can purchase your favorite wines, coffees and gifts and ALL purchases using this link https://secure.viaonehope.com/parties/8635

15% of each sale will go back to American Heart Disease ❤️ ! Happy Shopping #jenniferhaleygivesback #valentinesday #hearthealth #drinkforacause Xx


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